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Outside Reviews Best Budget Gloves

You need a pair of gloves you can trust when it's wet and stormy out waterproof, durable, warm but do you really want to spend a day's earnings on a pair of gloves you might accidentally leave at the bar after skiing? Decades ago, we started skiing in leather work gloves from the hardware store, which we'd treat with waterproofing salve ourselves, then bake in our home ovens. When we started Flylow, it seemed like a no brainer to offer this type of glove to everyone else, too we even hand-treated and triple baked the gloves for you, in ovens we bought off Craig's List and stored in our backyard, so you didn't have to turn your kitchen into a leather treatment factory. We've since expanded our line of gloves, but we still make sturdy work gloves that don't cost a fortune. Outside recently reviewed the "Best Budget Ski Gloves" and yep, our standby Ridge Glove made the list. Here's what they wrote: "Colorado-based Flylow has a whole line of leather gloves made from pigskin, but we like the utilitarian Ridge, which comes pre-coated with Sno-Seal waterproof wax. The result is a warm, dry work-inspired glove that looks good on and off the mountain."