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Presley Riding Hoody featured on Powder

Our friends over at Powder magazine recently reviewed our new women's Presley Riding Hoody, which debuts this fall. It's like your favorite sweatshirt comfy, perfect for lounging but it's made from a breathable, technical poly blended fabric, meaning you can hike, ski, and bootpack in this hoody and not overheat or get drenched in sweat. "The tall collar zips up to your nose, which is great for spring days when you need little to keep warm but still seek protection from the wind and sun," writes Powder's Sierra Davis. "The generous hood fits comfortably over a helmet and is also great for burrowing into to catch some shut-eye on a long flight or a quick nap during lunch at the lodge." Read the full review here and check out all our women's gear here.  

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