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Review of Quantum Pro Jacket

SKIING SKIING3In case you don't speak German, here is a rough translation.

"For those chasing first lines on powder days, the Quantum Pro is just the right choice. This 3layer jackets keeps you safe and dry even on roughest conditions, and making sure you are able to surf pow till last chair. The high breathable and waterproof Intuitive membrane transports moisture outside while letting nothing in. Bad weather is no longer an excuse to stay nestled at home. If you start to sweating after a hike or a long run just opens the under arm vents and just let it go. Because of the tough, light nylon fabrics you can ski unbothered through trees, climb rocky passages or party hard at the apr s bar. As well the style factor is uncompromising. The Quantum Pro is available in five colors so everyone will find their favorite. Price is 380 EUR. Long story short: the Quantum Pro out of Flylow s Deeper-Line is the swiss army knife under the ski jackets."