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Shelter: Inside Eben Mond’s Cabin

Shelter: Inside Eben Mond’s Cabin

Think of this new video series like Zillow but for really sweet mountain cabins. Here, we get to know the ski-centric world of Colorado-based skier and freeride coach Eben Mond.

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In this new two-part video series, called Shelter, skier Eben Mond talks about how he got to where he is now. He didn’t take the expected or ordinary route to adulthood. No, no. He bushwhacked his own trail through the woods of life, figuratively and literally speaking.

And now? Eben is living his own life in the mountains, focusing on what matters and letting go of all the rest. Eben and his family live in a cabin in Colorado, when they’re not farming in the Midwest, and they bring their kids into the high country in a restored vintage snowcat. You can’t make this stuff up.

Eben has been a part of Flylow since basically the very beginning. He believed in and supported the brand when it was just a couple of guys in a basement making a single pair of pants. Now, it’s time we tell his story.

Eben Mond finding some waste deep powder

Eben Mond finding some waste deep powder

At Flylow, we jokingly called Eben Mond “Bamm Bamm,” like the character from the TV cartoon the Flintstones, because he has this super-powered strength and always manages to break the gear he tests. (Want to find out if a jacket zipper is weak or a fabric won’t hold up? Just give it to Eben.)

His connection to Flylow goes way back to the beginning: When Eben first met Dan, co-founder of Flylow, who was working as a bartender in Denver while starting the company, Eben and Dan agreed to meet up early the next morning to ski. Dan wasn’t sure if Eben would even show up. But sure enough, there he was, asleep in his car in the parking lot and pretty much ready to rip.

In the winter, Eben is the guy rocking high-speed laps under Chair 1 at Loveland, his local ski hill in Colorado. He’s the founder and head coach of the Loveland Freeride Team and a former big-mountain competitor himself. A former ski racer from the snow-covered mounds of Iowa, he and his family now split their time between a cabin on the side of I-70 in Colorado and their farm back in Illinois.

In this Shelter video, made by filmer Noah Howell (yep, the same guy who stars in the other Shelter video), Eben lets us in on his unique, snow-driven lifestyle. This includes restoring old cabins, refurbishing vintage snowcats, and taking his three young boys into the mountains as much as they possibly can.

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