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Silver Linings: An Alta Snowboard Film

Silver Linings: An Alta Snowboard Film

When Alta Ski Area had to close down in March 2020, it opened up a unique opportunity to Wasatch Snowboarders—uphill access for splitboarding during mid-winter conditions

Though Alta is still a skiing-only destination, the area's off-season uphill access policy has always been open for all. But, the historical uphill season, October through early November and late-spring after closing day, offers limited windows for split borders to experience the area's storied terrain and powder snow. 

When the initial pandemic shut down hit Alta in the middle of March 2020, there was ample opportunity for enterprising split borders and snowboarders to carve up the far reaches of Little Cottonwood Canyon in perfect winter conditions.

Alta will likely continue to beat by its own drum, but these riders will never forget the unique opportunity offered by the pandemic winter.

This video was produced by our friends over at Verb Cabin & Mountain Gazette. Subscribe now to the new Mountain Gazette.

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