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The 11 New and Improved Pieces We Can’t Wait For You To Check Out

Introducing a mountain biking bib, a jumpsuit and coverall for women, and your new favorite shorts.

Good gear made to last. That’s always our goal when we release a new line of clothes. Make a T-shirt that you wear daily for the next decade. Roll out a pair of shorts that’ll replace the worn-out shorts you’ve rocked since college. Give you a windbreaker that’ll stuff into your pack since that’s a piece you didn’t have. Here’s what we’re excited to show you from our new spring 2024 collection. Some of it’s brand new. Some if it’s been around, but now it’s even better. All of it is made without harmful PFAS. And everything is built to last.

New and Notable

We’re kind of known for our bibs on the ski side of our line. We took that knowledge and expertise and applied it to our summer collection with the new Butcher Bib, a waterproof, air-permeable bib that’s meant for riding during wet, colder shoulder seasons or on rides when you want as much protection as possible. It’s made with an air-permeable, durable fabric so you can release heat before you start to sweat.

Butcher MTB Bib

Butcher MTB Bib

We also added a new Squad Short for men and women. This is a dedicated two-in-one mountain bike short that’s made from a robust exterior fabric with a removable chammy liner, made from breathable mesh and finely-made fabrics.

We’ve made a good long-sleeved hooded sunshirt for years now, but we wanted to add one more similar piece that’s made from an even lighter, more breezy fabric. The new Robb Hoody for women is similar to our top-selling Moonlight Shirt, but it’s meant for even warmer days when you want a long layer to protect from sun and wind but you need fabric you can barely feel.

For women, the Flylow Life Bib has been so popular, we added two new one-pieces just to give you options: the Portola Coverall and the Tucker Jumpsuit. They’re made from active yet comfortable fabrics and designed to be road trip ready.


Around Town Romper - SunKissed

Around Town Romper - SunKissed

Old Standbys—Now Improved

Our women’s Around Town collection got a few new additions, in the form of the button-up Around Town Shirt and one-piece Around Town Romper. These are made from soft, natural cotton fibers, so you can wear them all day and be comfortable and ready for anything.

On the men’s side, we took the Hot Tub Short, a perennial favorite that does way more than just sit in the hot tub, and added a shorter, more active length. So now the Hot Tub Short comes in three length options: a 7.5-inch inseam, a 9.5-inch inseam, and an 11.5-inch inseam. Now there’s a length for every preference and activity. Choose the one that suits you best.

Nash 1/4 Zip

Nash 1/4 Zip

And we took the Jessi Shirt and the Nash Shirt—our active, running and biking Ts, made from a soft, breathable fabric—and we added a front quarter zipper for easy on/off with a helmet on and extra ventilation and some jersey-style features like a zippered pocket to turn them into dedicated mountain bike shirts, in the form of the Jessi Quarter Zip and the Nash Quarter Zip.


Butcher MTB Bib

A technical, breathable mountain bike bib made durable and waterproof for the rowdiest of rides.
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Nash Quarter Zip

This singletrack-ready short-sleeved jersey is made from a stretchy, quick-drying tech fabric.
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Hot Tub Short

Think of the Hot Tub Short as a hybrid short you can do anything in.
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Around Town Romper

Because a day spent in a romper is simply more fun.
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W Robb Hoody

A lightweight, long-sleeved adventure shirt made from a quick-drying, supremely soft fabric.
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Tucker Jumpsuit

A wear-this-for-everything-you-do jumpsuit made from a light, breathable fabric.
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