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The Reviews Are In! (Everyone Loves Our Summer Gear)

From Outside to Men’s Journal to the New York Times, our gear—ranging from overalls to rain jackets you can bike in to button-up shirts—got a boatload of press this summer.

We’ll never forget the first Flylow product that was reviewed in a magazine. We were just a fledgling startup back then, run by a couple of ski bums. We certainly didn’t have the budget to hire a public relations firm (not sure we even knew what that was back then), so when an intern at a big outdoor magazine reached out, we thought, hey! It’s just an intern, but let’s see where this goes. (Turns out, it went pretty far. But that’s a story for another day.) These days, we’re still pretty darn excited when someone reviews our gear and gives it praise.

Like Men’s Journal, which recently reviewed our Trailworks Bib as part of a roundup of their favorite summertime gear, calling it “made for hard and long days outdoors” and “perfect for everything from yard work, trail work, or just going out for a beer.” Contributor Andy Cochrane added: “With seven total pockets, adjustable straps, triple needle durable stitching and articulation that helps your legs move freely, they are everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

We love a good spotting bibs in the wild story, and Outside’s interim digital director Patty Hodapp had a great one to report about our women’s Life Bib, as part of coverage on Outside editors’ favorite gear in June. She wrote: “Last weekend, at the Bluegrass Festival in Telluride, Colorado, my husband, aware I’m constantly on the hunt, noticed a woman rocking well-fitting bibs and said, ‘You have to go ask where she got them.’ So, unabashedly, I did. I met Marla, a badass chick from Tahoe, California, sporting Flylow’s sweet-lookin’ pair of Life Bibs. They’re stylish, super lightweight, airy, quick dry, and made by women for women, to fit short-to-tall bodies, curves or not. I snagged a pair immediately and will never look back.”

For the best gear for road trips, Blue Ridge Outdoors recommends the Phil A Shirt: “Every epic road trip deserves a shirt that looks the part—and can withstand the abuse of wearing it day after day. Made of 100% cotton, this classic will keep you looking and feeling cool behind the wheel.”

Singletracks has an in-depth review of our Trailworks Jacket, which they put to test while mountain biking in the rain. “Flylow’s Trailworks collection is geared toward the riders who like to get dirt under their fingernails too and this jacket is kind of like a Carrhart wet-weather layer for mountain bikers,” wrote tester Matt Miller. “You can tell off the bat that the Trailworks is made to fend off heavy pours and it does that well. I’ve worn the Trailworks through some good rain storms this spring and the rest of me might have been soaked, but I was pretty happy that my core was dry once I finally got under a roof.”

Singletracks also reviewed our Davis Jacket, Laser Short, and Wild Child Shirt as recommended gear for your next mountain biking trip. Here’s what they had to say about our fun-loving Wild Child Shirt: “The Flylow Wild Child shirt is a short-sleeve, button-up with a fun pattern and you know it’s for apres because there are little burritos, pizzas, and bike water bottle prints all over the shirt. It’s light and stretchy and the worn-black color will fool anyone who thinks you bought a new shirt just for the after party.”

And the New York Times mentioned our Hawk Short as best trail gear: “Flylow’s fun new Hawk running shorts are as comfortable as they are quick drying, with a PFC-free water-repellent nylon outer fabric and breezy mesh liner brief. An elasticized waist and draw string hold them up and a zip pocket in the back is big enough for a phone. Side mesh pockets stash energy gels,” wrote Stephanie Pearson.

Press Worthy Products

Trailworks Bib

We worked with seasoned trail builders in Tahoe to help design these stout canvas coveralls for men.
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Davis Jacket

The Davis Jacket is a durable, lightweight, breathable windbreaker built for mountain biking and other windy moments.
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W Hawk Short

We sat down with avid trail runners and asked them to describe their perfect shorts. These are them.
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Life Bib

Everyday women’s overalls from the people who brought you your favorite winter bibs.
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Phil A Shirt

More distinguished than a standard T-shirt.
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Trailworks Jacket

Don’t get caught in a downpour without a rain jacket.
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Laser Short

A minimalist, do-it-all mountain bike short with laser-cut vents and one perfect pocket.
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Wild Child Shirt

You like to have fun? Meet your new favorite shirt: The Wild Child, a quick drying button-up with a touch of stretch in a joy-giving print.
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