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Phil A Shirt

The vintage-inspired Phil A has the look of your dad’s old button-up but with modern fabric.

 With a nod to the classic style you dream of snagging at a second-hand shop, the Phil A Shirt  features a single chest pocket, black buttons, and its wrinkle resistant, quick-drying nature make it ideal for traveling, hiking, or life on the go. This is a cool, short-sleeved collared shirt you can sport while crashing the neighbors’ potluck or pushing your limit at the local climbing crag. It’s got a touch of stretch for mobility but nobody but you will be able to tell.

-Poly stretch active chambray

-95% polyester, 5% Spandex

-Quick dry

-Wrinkle resistant

-Classic button-down work shirt

-Chest pocket

-Custom black buttons

-Custom stitching details

Sockeye (Jacquard)
Arabica (Jacquard)
Typhoon (Jacquard)

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