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Unified Episode 1: Wilkins Brothers

Unified Episode 1: Wilkins Brothers

Cody Wilkins and his younger brother, Henry, are the builders behind Sensus R.A.D. Trails, the nonprofit organization started by pro mountain biker Cam Zink that’s responsible for some of the coolest, wildest trail projects in recent years. They’ve built a bike park on Mount Hood and new downhill trails in Tahoe and Jackson Hole. Cody’s mindset is to make trails for everyone—and to bring new people into the world of mountain biking.

Part artists, part contractors, part athletes, these brothers are skilled at everything they do, and they approach each project with a vision for the most natural, fun way to descend a slope. They use creativity and engineering to turn a trail from a sketch on a piece of paper to a real-life playground in the woods.

They’ve both raced mountain bikes and are talented athletes on their own. Cody raced for the University of Vermont’s Division 1 bike team and was once top five at nationals. “I like going fast in the woods,” Cody says.

As kids, the Wilkins brothers grew up riding bikes and digging trails. They raced BMX bikes and got into mountain biking at young ages. “This brings us back to our roots—brother and brother digging together, except now we’re doing it for a living,” says Henry.

After living in Tahoe and other mountain communities, Cody now calls Bellingham, Washington, home. “Biking has really put direction on my life,” Cody has said. “The roots of my decision making always come back to skiing and biking.”

In this episode, watch as the Wilkins brothers build trails from Lake Tahoe to Mount Hood and enjoy the fruits of their labor, too.


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