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Utah's Reviews Rainbreaker Jacket

Utah news station KSL recently reviewed 8 great outdoor products for summer—a useful collection of things like flip-flops, running shoes, and hiking boots. In the mix was Flylow's ever-popular Rainbreaker Jacket, our answer to an upgraded version of a windbreaker. Because who wants a jacket that deflects wind but not rain, too? The Rainbreaker is tough but lightlight—you can climb a 14er in this thing but it'll also pack down super small in your pack. It's the perfect shell to throw in your mountain bike pack or a windy paddle across the lake.

Here's what KSL's writer Grant Olsen had to say about the Rainbreaker:

"If you’re out for a hike at higher elevations, you should always be ready for the event of a summer storm. The Rainbreaker from Flylow could be a handy option, as it’s super lightweight and provides ample protection.

It all starts with Intuitive S/G Lite waterproof fabric (it’s 100 percent nylon), which packs down small enough that the Rainbreaker can easily be stuffed into an external pocket on your backpack. As soon as the weather turns nasty, the jacket’s DWR treatment and taped seams keep you feeling snug and dry.

While the Rainbreaker is lightweight, it’s not dainty. The fabric is robust and has some give to it, so it can take the rigors of mountain use. And features like the upgraded zippers and adjustable hood ensure that when the weather gets nasty, you won’t be left feeling soggy."

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