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Welcome to the Warming Hut

We opened a new warehouse shop at our Denver HQ and we’d love for you to stop by and

We’ve never had our own store before. That’s because we love working with independent retailers, those cool, well-informed ski shops in towns all over the globe. And that’s still where you should go if you want to find the latest and greatest from Flylow. (Check out our Dealer Locator to find a shop that carries Flylow near you. Be sure to tell ’em we sent you.) But recently, we realized: Hey, we have a lot of one-off items and gear that can’t be sold at traditional retail, like samples leftover from photo shoots or trade shows or last season’s gear that still has a lot of life left in it. How can we get these items off our shelves and into the hands of people who will love and wear them?

So, that’s why we opened the Warming Hut , a new warehouse shop at our headquarters in Denver. “We had this surplus of past season inventory that was taking up needed shelf space for current season items,” says Jeff Shaffroth, Flylow’s director of operations. “The Warming Hut created a space for that inventory. It can now be hung, tried on, shopped, and sold at a great price. As new seasons drop, older gear seems to get forgotten, but this is still great gear that deserves to be bought and worn.”

Flylow Warming Hut

Flylow Warming Hut

At the Warming Hut, you’ll be treated much like you would at an actual warming hut, somewhere deep in the mountains. We’ve got warm layers to try on, friendly folks to chat with, and a cozy place you’re welcome to hang out in for a while. “The Warming Hut gives our Colorado customers the ability to touch, try on, and shop our gear while working with one of our great team members,” adds Shaffroth. “Nobody is more knowledgeable about Flylow than the people who work and live the lifestyle.”

The Warming Hut is also being used as a community gathering space—groups like Friends of Berthoud Pass have hosted avalanche classes here. The gear in the Warming Hut ranges from warehouse samples to bibs or coats from a previous season to a midlayer that was used once in a photo shoot. If that sounds like something you’d be into, then come on by. We’ve got good deals and cool people ready to greet you and answer any questions.

“More than just gear, we’re skiers, lot partiers, powder seekers, type 2 fun addicts just like our customers. That’s what makes us special and the reason finding us in the wild just makes you love us more,” says Abigail Blackburn, Flylow’s director of customer experience. “At the Warming Hut, we’re always going to have great deals, that’s reason number one. And we’re going to know how to help you find gear that can keep you on the mountain longer and more comfortable.”

Come check it out. You can find hours and location of the Warming Hut here.


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