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Westward, Episode 4: Lynsey Dyer

In Westward, a new video series from KGB Productions, we take a look into the worlds of four distinct mountain characters who ve made lives for themselves in the West and found the perfect balance between work, life, and play. To watch the fourth episode with Lynsey Dyer, check it out on Missed the previous episodes? You can find them here. At 22 years old, Lynsey Dyer found herself at the beginning of a promising career; having recently graduated with a graphic design degree from Montana State, she had won a competitive internship with a design firm in Bozeman. But something didn t feel right, she wasn t happy. And so she walked away from it and took decidedly different course - competing in big mountain competitions and following her dreams of becoming a pro skier. Ten years later Lynsey has stood atop many more podiums, been featured in movies, been on the cover of magazines, produced a woman s only ski film and designed her own line of skis.


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