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Why Everyone Seems to Be Wearing Bibs

REI recently ran a story called "The Year of the Bibs," in which writer Drew Zieff writes: "Bib sales at REI were up 106 percent from last year and this year’s styles are 90 percent sold through." He adds, "Years of gear testing have turned me into a bib zealot. I firmly believe that the comfort, utility and style of bibs can’t be beat ... I’m a card-carrying bib evangelist and proud of it."

The story includes mention of several Flylow bibs, including the crowd-favorite Baker Bib for men and Foxy Bib for women, plus new additions like the women's Siren Bib, due out in fall 2019, and the three-layer Smyth Bib for men. 

Here's what Flylow co-founder Dan Abrams had to say about bibs: "“The benefits of bibs really come down to fit and protection,” Abrams said. “Having the extra material come up my back is key to staying warm. Also, not needing to cinch a belt around my waist feels great when moving around in the mountains.” When it comes to design, Abrams said, “You cannot just slap a bib top on some pants. You have to completely rethink the fit.”