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Why REI Especially Likes Our Vixen Coat and Higgins Coat

In a review on REI's Co-Op Journal of the best ski jackets for 2018, they included Flylow's women's Vixen Coat and men's Higgins Coat. And they highlighted a little-known fact about the Higgins and Vixen coats: They're ultra quiet. Quiet, huh? That's not usually a word you're used to hearing describe a jacket, but think about it. A lot of coats are super loud when you move. These ones aren't. Here's what REI's writer, Sam Farquharson, had to say: Tough and soft, the Flylow Vixen provides waterproof shell protection in a sleek design that won t crunch with every move. I have people come in and say, The whole time I m hiking all I hear is chhchhchhchhchh, says Eryn Johnson, a staff member at the Salt Lake City REI since 2003. That s why she recommends the Vixen for a more affordable, high-performance ski shell. You can tell they ve put a lot of thought into it, she says. They ve bonded a wicking liner to the shell on the outside so it s still one piece and keeps it really simple and light. Plus, it s not quite as noisy as other shells. Check out the full story here.