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evo's Ode to the Oven Mitt

Our friends over at evo the ski, snowboard, mountain bike, surf, wake, and skate retailer based in Seattle, Washington, with stores in Seattle, Portland, and Denver happen to love our Oven Mitt. But before we go patting ourselves on the back, a little about evo: This is the kind of store where when you walk in, it feels like your part of the family. And sure, they strive to offer the highest quality outdoor gear, but most importantly, you'll come for a personalized, intimate customer experience and to become part of the ever-evolving community of evo, where they do everything from plan evoTrip Adventure Travel Vacations to Japan and Silverton to give backing by donating time and money to local non-profits.

OK, now back to the Oven Mits. Here's what evo had to say about them: "We love goodies straight out of the oven - hot, fresh, and moist. Thanks to their SnoSeal coating, Flylow s Oven Mitts will keep your hands hot and fresh, saving the moisture for things like the snackable kind of baked goods. Add in the simple workwear styling and we re sold on these mitts. The Oven Mitt isn t the only Flylow Product we love this theme of simple, stylish, yet also technical is a theme that carries throughout the Flylow line." Read on for other pieces they love, like the Higgins Jacket and the Billie Coat.