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Spring Collection

Watching the temps rise reminds us that the storm days are over and that winter is coming to a close. But as the sun gets higher in the sky, new plans start to simmer and the cycle moves on. It’s the magical shift between these two seasons that takes place around the clock; melting lake ice, rising snowlines and greening valleys invite to blend corn runs with trail rides as we transition into all the greatness that is summer in the mountains; our mountains.We make outdoor apparel for a lot of it – in our own way, and in line with what we like to do. So should it be for you. We have a bunch of fresh new goods for “not-winter,” as well as some updated classics. We’ve got something for just about any summer plot – be it over land or lake – that transition with style and purpose from each aspect of your life to the next.


Nothing gets perfected overnight. It takes time. Like a good marinade. And we’re not saying we’re perfect. But our new spring collection is pretty darn close. Because we’ve found that sweet spot where functionality and durability meets style, but nothing is overdone. Clean lines, breathable fabrics, and clothes you can live in all summer long.

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The end point varies—a peak, a river, a trail, a yoga mat on a patch of grass—but the excursion, the conversation, that thermos of coffee on the way to the trailhead, that’s what summer’s all about. The perfect day involves a long, meandering trail, a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich on a vista point, and a few good friends willing to walk or bike into the woods alongside you. This collection was designed for you and for those memorable days on and off the trail.

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