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Blister Reviews Flylow Shaw, Garrett Shirts

Need a shirt for mountain biking? These two come tester approved.

If you’re like us, then you appreciate a good, thorough gear review. We’re talking about the kind of well thought-out review that includes specifics on technical features and how they performed and held up in the field through harsh conditions and a ton of wear. The folks at Blister Gear Review are the best at this kind of no-BS testing and reviewing. You’ll get the full truth on how that piece of gear did, with no sugar coating.

Which is why it’s always an honor (and sometimes humbling) when Blister reviews our gear. In this recent roundup of men’s mountain bike jerseys, Blister covered our men’s long-sleeved Shaw Shirt and short-sleeved Garrett Shirt.

The Garrett Shirt breathes very well and is still plenty comfortable against the skin.

The Garrett Shirt breathes very well and is still plenty comfortable against the skin.

Here’s what reviewer David Golay said about the Shaw: “Though it’s long-sleeved, the Shaw is definitely a piece for relatively warm weather — the long sleeves maybe make it a touch warmer than an otherwise identical short sleeve jersey would be, but the material used for the Shaw is quite light and breathable. On the other hand, on rides where I know I’ll be in direct sunlight much of the time, the added sun protection of the long sleeves can definitely help keep things more comfortable. I’ve worn the Shaw in temperatures ranging from about 50° to 95°F (10° to 35°C) and it’s been perfectly serviceable throughout that range.”

(There’s more, too. Be sure to read the full review.)

And about the Garrett Shirt: “The Garrett Shirt is a bit like a short sleeve version of Flylow’s Shaw Shirt (above), though it uses slightly different fabric and features a longer body. The fabric in the Garrett is a bit less textured and not quite as soft as that in the Shaw, but breathes very well and is still plenty comfortable against the skin. As with the Shaw, the Garrett is on the roomier side through the body, but the Medium doesn’t feel unduly baggy on me at 6’, 165 lb / 183 cm, 74.8 kg — it’s just not a slim fit.”

Thanks to Blister for the feedback!

Garrett Shirt

For mountain biking, you need a short-sleeve tech T built for active use. The Garrett Shirt is that and more.
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Shaw Shirt

Because some days, you want to ride your bike in a long-sleeved T.
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