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Chatting Flylow on the Blister Podcast

Whenever you need trusted, long-form, well-tested reviews of outdoor gear like skis or ski jackets, you should check out Blister Gear Review. They tell it like it is, and their reviews are exactly what you need when you're about to invest in something you plan on using for a long time. Blister founder Jonathan Ellsworth recently interviewed Flylow co-founder Dan Abrams for the Blister Podcast. They talk gear, sure new fabric technologies, Dan's personal favorite item from this year's Flylow line (hint: it's a flannel), and how you make insulation that stays dry but they also talk about a ton of other stuff, from when ski bums decide to have kids to funding his dream of running a ski outerwear business on bartending tips to the time a torn MCL ended up changing the course of his career. You can check out the full interview here.

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