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Snow will fall, lifts will run, and we'll have you covered

We know our 2020 Winter Collection can handle whatever comes our way.

Before we started Flylow, we knew one thing for sure: The ski pants we were wearing could barely last a season. Gear back then couldn’t live up to the demands of the hard-charging, powder-chasing skier. So, when we started Flylow, we knew durability would be at the core of our values.

Fast forward 15 years (has it really been that long?), and we know a lot more now. We can talk endlessly about fabric, seam taping, zippers. Our team of designers has years of experience working on fit and fabrication. But we’re still skiers, and we still test everything we make exactly where it’s meant to be used: out in the mountains.

Every year, we strive to make our gear better—more resilient, more versatile—than the last. This winter’s collection is no different. While we are always refining our key pieces like the Foxy Bib and Baker Bib, we spent a lot of time updating our backcountry pieces and resort styles, as well.

The reality is it takes us 18 months to design, develop, and deliver a new piece of gear, so we could not have known that COVID-19 was coming when the pieces in this winter’s new collection were first dreamed up. But, somehow, offering our most robust line of outerwear for the chaotic year that 2020 has been seems fitting. We need armor to get through a year like this, and fortunately, we’ve made it.

Watch Now - Behind The Scenes Of Our Design Process


We did complete redesigns of the award-winning Smythe Bib for men and the eVent fabric Domino Jacket and Siren Bib for women. We also redesigned our backcountry layering pieces using Primaloft Black Insulation ThermoPlume synthetic down in the new insulated Foster Jacket and Lorraine Jacket. Finally, we added a new skiing anorak top called the Hiboy Jacket for skinning up or sunny spring days.

This season, we have some great resort skiing jackets like the Baxter Jacket and the Kenzie Jacket that will keep you warm on the coldest lift rides, perfect for this strange winter where you may not be able to go into the lodge to warm up. And our Habitat Line of skiable mountain apparel got some key additions with the Brose Work Shirt and new colors of our favorite skiable flannels that don’t wrinkle.

The Z Line - Overview

Our Z Line for men and women is a unique collection of gear made for the type of skiers who aren’t afraid to work for their powder. It’s not mountaineering gear, but it’s built for the backcountry, for those who love climbing mountains in pursuit of downhill turns. Over the years, we have pioneered the use of waterproof air permeable technologies in our shell fabric to deliver apparel that releases heat before you sweat. You’ll find these technologies throughout the Z Line.

The Lorraine Jacket is a new insulated piece in our Z-Line. Look to the Foster Jacket for a men's equivalent.

The Lorraine Jacket is a new insulated piece in our Z-Line. Look to the Foster Jacket for a men's equivalent.

We utilize eVent fabrics in our guide-oriented pieces—like the Lab CoatCompound PantDomino Jacket, and Siren Bib—that boast the highest waterproof rating and the most breathability with a burly and packable face fabric to stand up to the rigors of tromping through the mountains.

We also worked with Intuitive Fabrics to develop The Perm fabric, which is used on the Kane Jacket and Smythe Bib to integrate 20k waterproofness, air permeability, and stretch to give superior mobility with all the benefits of air permeable membranes. Waterproofing is easy (a plastic bag is waterproof, after all), but it’s breathability where the science comes in. Air permeability is our secret sauce: That’s what makes our gear feel less clammy on warm or wet days or when you’re climbing a skintrack or a bootpack.

The Deeper Collection - Overview

Adventure-oriented skiers have no boundaries. They ride trams and lifts. They climb skintracks. They boot up couloirs. They need gear that can do all of the above. Enter the Deeper Collection for men and women. These are the newest adaptations of Flylow’s original concepts.

While they are no doubt more polished, better fitting, and more waterproof and breathable than those bygone pants we started our brand with, they still offer the same feature sets that have put us on the map: durable fabrics, reinforced pants, huge vents, and simple, clean design. Turns out, we weren’t the only skiers interested in going beyond the gates to explore. Backcountry skiing has seen a huge growth since we started Flylow and our community has grown tremendously. Our women’s staples like the Foxy BibBillie Coat, and the new Moxie Bib have been some of our best-selling items ever. 

For 2020-21, we have continued to refine our key styles, the “Big 5,” as we call them: the Baker BibChemical PantQuantum Pro JacketBillie Coat, and Nina Pant. We started by listening to you, our community, to see what you wanted. We are working to make the gear fit better and have stronger construction, so it lasts longer and performs better. The biggest updates in the Deeper Collection for this year focus on the three-layer Stretchy Stormshell Intuitive™ fabric that’s an integral part of this collection, most notably featured in the Foxy Bib.

Our newest additions to the Deeper Collection - The men's Malone Jacket & women's Lucy Jacket

Our newest additions to the Deeper Collection - The men's Malone Jacket & women's Lucy Jacket

We tore apart the old Vixen Jacket and Higgins Coat and replaced them with the all new Malone Jacket and Lucy Jacket. Besides completely revamping the stitch patterns to make these better suited for increased mobility, we also added removable powder skirts (as many of you requested) and played with new tri-tone styling (don’t worry, we still have some solid-colored coats for you to choose from).

While we were not going to mess with our best-selling Foxy Bib, we did hear the request for a tougher and more relaxed-fitting women’s bib, so we delivered with the all new Moxie Bib. The Moxie blends our hardshell material from the Nina Pant with the Stretchy Stormshell Intuitive™ fabric from the Foxy Bibs to increase durability and offer a new fit silhouette.

The touring-oriented Tannen Bib is another new piece in the Deeper Collection. We used the stretchy three-layer waterproof fabric paired with a mid-top bib for increased breathability and to handle our barrel-chested compadres in need of a different fit.

Finally, we have continued to refine our insulated products in this collection. The Albert Jacket and Daphne Jacket got new face fabric, making them more suited for getting strapped on your pack for a short bootpack in Jackson Hole or enjoying the almost weightless feel of the coat while riding lifts on a storm day. The Cobra Jacket and Avery Jacket continue to boast the most insulation in the line, earning them the titles of warmest coats. And the Woodrow Pant and Fae Pant take staying warm on a cold day to the next level with Primaloft insulation. 

This is the year we make more specialized gear for a wider array of skiing and riding conditions, but the original goal remains the same: Make gear that is versatile, durable, and good looking, so we can actually climb a mountain, ski powder, and have our gear last season after season.

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