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Flylow Dan Talks Winter 2019

If you've ever met Flylow Dan he's probably struck you as a pretty straight shooter. The dude lives for skiing pow, riding his bike, and surfing behind his boat in between building a company and raising a family. The gear company he founded alongside his buddy Greg over 14 years ago was simply an extension of those passions. Quality, usable, and durable gear is the vessel that allows him to play as much as his day jobs of running Flylow and hanging with his kids allow. This vessel has allowed thousands of Flylow fans to do the same.

Since he's the chattier of the Flylow co-founders, we asked him for the run-through on the new 2019 Winter Collection, per usual, he cut to the chase.

Flylow Women's Daphne Coat in Action

Give us the no-BS rundown of the 2019 Winter Collection.

The longer we make clothes at Flylow, the more I start to understand how skiing means different things to different people. A resort skier that identifies as a skier is no less of a skier than the backcountry bum that just moved to Jackson, or the ski patroller that has spent 25 years on the ski is just the experience that is different.

With that said, the focus of the new 2019 line was to identify the needs of the different types of real skiers that love to be outside and on the snow (I prefer thigh deep in the snow, but that is me). We made our Z-Line better for long tours, Stairmaster boot packs, and folks that just run hot or maybe in warmer, wet areas. We improved the classic, durable Deeper Line pieces with a major DWR upgrade to keep the water beading up on the shell fabric longer than anyone else in the Alta lift line. And we continue to dial in the resort-focused kits of our Boundary Line by offering three-layer performance features at MSRPs that appeal to the price-conscious buyer. All in all, we are covering the skiers in all of their iterations.

Flylow Women's Daphne Coat in Action

The Women's Daphne Jacket in its element. The Daphne Jacket is part of the Women's Deeper Collection.

The Women's Daphne Jacket in its element. The Daphne Jacket is part of the Women's Deeper Collection.

What are the highlights? New fabrics, new products, collections?

We added Omnibloq DWR on the Deeper Line shells (Men's Quantum Jacket and Chemical Pant, Women's Billie Coat and Nina Pant). It’s a more effective, longer-lasting DWR coating in our line of effective, long-lasting pieces. If you’re a 100+ day a year skier, the Deeper Line is even more of a no-brainer now.

With the addition of the Domino Jacket and Siren Bib, the women’s Z-Line is totally dialed. These are the most technical women’s pieces we’ve ever made. They’re ultra-lightweight, ultra-breathable, and still meet our standards for durability. This is the kit for the ladies leading the charge in the backcountry for sure.

The new lighter eVent DV Expedition fabric in our Lab Coat and Compound Pant makes those pieces even more adept for the earn-you-turns crowd. They just work.

We added even more options to the Habitat Collection this year. It’s awesome to be able offer more everyday/all-day pieces to the people AND expand my closet at the same time.

The Men's Lab Coat

The Men's Lab Coat

This is how Dan wishes he could ski in his new favorite coat.

What are you most stoked about?

I am most stoked on the Lab Coat and Compound Pant kit. I think we nailed the fit, and the pocket placements are perfect when I have my backpack on.

Nothing compares to the eVent DV Expedition membrane for my style of skiing (using the lifts to go out the gates and boot pack or tour around the Sierras or the Rockies).

Flylow Dan

What is a sleeper product that might not get noticed but people should check out?

The Handlebar Tech Flannel just keeps delivering. This year we have 5 Colors! All sweet.

Handlebar Tech Flannel

It looks like a regular flannel. But it’s got high-performance superpowers.
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