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New Winter 2021 Collection: What’s In Your Go Bag?

When we set out to create the new Flylow Winter 2021-22 collection, we thought: What will we use every single day this winter? What will we continue to use for the next decade? Then we made it.

When wildfires were threatening the West this summer in yet another record-breaking fire season, many of us were forced to think about what would happen if the fire hit close to home. When the Caldor Fire began raging near Lake Tahoe, Flylow co-founder Dan Abrams, who lives in Tahoe City, started preparing what he’d take if he had to evacuate. “My ski boots and my mountain bike,” he said, adding that those would be hard to replace. “Oh, and my passport. And a Lab Coat and a General’s Down Jacket, because you never know when you’ll need those.”

In the moment, it was clear what mattered most. The things we use are the things we most need. The rest of it? Who needs it?

Flylow Dan Talks Winter 2021

Think about some of the most useful items in your life. Not the precious stuff that has sentimental value and sits on a shelf but rarely gets used (like, say, photos or family heirlooms). We’re talking about the things you use and appreciate on a daily basis. The cast-iron pan you cook eggs on each morning. The flannel shirt you throw on when you wake up. The bike you ride every day you can. Your favorite coffee mug. The multitool that lives in your back pocket. The down jacket you wear even when it’s summer. The backpack that hauls all your stuff. The winter boots you’ve had for a decade. The leather gloves you wear while shoveling snow or walking the dog. That’s the stuff we may want to grab if we’re forced to flee. (Sorry, Grandma, but your antique teacups are getting left behind.)

When we set out to design a new piece for Flylow, we think along these terms: What are we going to use every single day? What is going to make our life easier and more comfortable, so we can get back to the business of enjoying this crazy, beautiful life? We don’t want to make gear that collects dust in the back of a closet. Usability, versatility, and long-lasting durability are key components in our design philosophy.

Gear designed for long days in the mountains.

The winter 2021-22 collection is no different. Not a single item in the line is something we wouldn’t use ourselves. The new pieces we’ve introduced—like the women’s Kimberly Bib and the men’s Dante Jacket—are meant to fill a gap, to provide a solution to a problem you may not even realize you have yet. Take the new Compound Bib. That’s for guys who want a bib some days and a regular ski pant on other days. Now you don’t need two pairs of pants (less stuff is always better, right?). You just need one that does everything well.

The new Carla Jacket for women is another problem solver: It’s a midlayer intentionally designed without a hood to make for easier layering. (Now you can avoid that bulky pile-up of hood atop hood. You’re welcome.)

Same with the fabrics. We look for fabric technology like eVent and the Perm, by Intuitive, that’ll serve double duty. What good is a jacket that keeps you dry in a storm if it doesn’t breathe on warmer days? You need waterproofing, of course, but you also need air permeability, because body temperature and climate fluctuate, and your one jacket should be able to handle everything. (Remember that old adage from a few paragraphs ago about having less stuff?)

OK, now that we’ve told you what’s in our go bag, what we’d take if we could only grab a few items, let’s hear what’s in yours. What do you need? What will you use? What are you missing that would help you solve a problem, or enjoy your day in the mountains more? Give a look, you may find what you’re looking for in our new line.

 Highlights From Our 2021 Men's Collection

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Compound Bib

This is the transformer of ski pants: Wear it as a bib when you want extra coverage or as regular pants when you don’t.
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Highlights From Our 2021 Women's Collection

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Lucy Jacket

A just-right, comfy fit, high-end features, and a laid-back style make the Lucy Jacket a fast favorite.
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