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New York Magazine Reviews Flylow Bibs

While New York City is far from a traditional ski town, there is something to be said for living in a place that's within striking distance of New England AND home to a couple international airports. You time your shots on the eastern seaboard, skiing "The Dacks," "The Greens," and "The Whites" when they're good. Or you sit on a plane for a couple of hours and you can make turns anywhere from California to Switzerland. Yes, you can ski the Alps pretty darn easily from NYC. Can you say as much about Crested Butte, Colorado?

So where do NYC skiers look to get advice on ski gear? Sure there's the traditional ski rags and the blogs, but now there's also New York Magazine. 

That's right, Flylow Gear made the cut on New York Magazine's list of the Best Ski Pants for Men and Women. Both the Baker Bib and the Foxy Bib were included. And we've gotta hand it to them, they polled some pretty legit sources for their research.

Quotes From The New York Mag Review

For Roy Tuscany, founder of High Fives Foundation, an organization that helps severely injured athletes return to their sports, these Flylow bibs are “probably the best ever made.”

 Thanks for the shoutout Roy! Be sure to checkout our High Fives Foundation Collab Jacket.

Mike Donohue, co-owner of Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington, Vermont, also loves these pants for their durability and protection: “We see people stepping up to this more expensive bib because they’re just super burly,” he says.

The Outdoor Gear Exchange is one of the best independent shops in the East and any love from Mike really means a lot.


Read the Full Review Here

Flylow Gear is Great for Eastern Skiing

We take pride in knowing our gear is great for eastern tree skiing like this.

We take pride in knowing our gear is great for eastern tree skiing like this.

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