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The Best Tailgating Gear

As skiers, we know plenty about tailgating. Just look A-Basin's "The Beach," that iconic stretch of snow-covered ground that fills up with coolers, BBQs, shotskis, and guitar-stringing tele skiers every weekend afternoon. Or check out any ski area parking lot after the lifts stop turning you'll find Toyota trucks with the tailgate down and all-wheel-drive vans with the full party spread, from lawn chairs and cornhole to keg stands in ski boots. Which is why when Made Man included our Richie Hoodie as part of a review of "best tailgating gear," it didn't matter to us that they meant for a tailgate at a stadium after your favorite ballgame. "The temps can be a little low if you plan on getting out early and staying late. Stay warm and comfortable with this technical hoodie. Ideal for layering over your team s t-shirt and protecting you from the elements and beer spillage. It s also got a retro look that will have you styling all game long," they wrote about the Richie Hoodie. Who said our gear was just for skiers? Not us. Read the full story here.