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The New Gear—and the Old Gear—We’re Super Excited About

Yep, we have some cool new pieces coming out in the line this winter. But we also made some of our older stuff better than ever.

Here’s the deal. A lot of companies feel pressured to make shiny new gear every year because the media and consumers and retailers are always asking: So, what’s new? And we get that. It’s nice to have something fresh and exciting to talk about. But here at Flylow, we don’t come up with concepts for the sake of newness. That’s not our driver. We design new pieces not because we need more stuff but because we realize there’s a hole in our line—a need that needs filling—and so we fill it. We’ll be on a skintrack and we think: ‘It sure would be nice to have a packable insulated piece without a hood right now.’ And just like that, a new down layer is born. That said, we have some newly added items in this winter’s line that we’re legit excited for you to check out. And we took some of our oldie but goodie favorites and made them even better.

Insulating Pieces That Make Sense

We’ve completely revamped our insulated layers this year, with a focus on how to make pieces that fit together into the whole insulation puzzle. That means gear that works complimentary with other pieces to satisfy a wider range of users and their hot-or-cold preferences. We wanted to make even more down and synthetic options so you can hand select the right piece for the conditions. (Pro tip: Down works best when it’s really cold out; synthetic shines in wet, stormy conditions when you need to stay dry to stay warm.)

New for this year is the Iceman Coat for men and the Charlie Coat for women, which is your one-stop shop of an insulated down liner inside a burly breathable shell. This one you can wear on its own without a ton of layers underneath. If you don’t want quite so much insulation in the liner, check out the new Vector Jacket for men and Freya Jacket for women, a shell with a light layer of recycled synthetic insulation, which is quick drying and packs down.

Also new in insulation is the Bear Jacket for men and Lynx Jacket for women, a belay coat stuffed with Primaloft Gold synthetic insulation. This is the piece you’ll stash in your backcountry pack as an emergency layer or wear under a shell on those cold storm days. It’s more packable than any other insulated coat we’ve made and that was the whole point.

We didn’t want to ignore the bottom half either—insulated pants can get a bad rep for being bulky or hot or only made for skiing groomers. But they don’t need to be that way. Let’s chuck that stereotype out the window, shall we? The new Baker Insulated Bib and Foxy Insulated Bib are meant to be just as durable and high-end as their non-insulated counterparts but for the days when the windchill is real deal or if you’re a skier who runs cold.

You already know and love our General’s Down Jacket and Betty Down Jacket—we improved some stitching lines and pocket placement and made those pieces even better this year. But we also took what we learned from those favorite staples and made new pieces built for more streamlined layering. The new General’s Down Sweater and Betty Down Sweater come without hoods, if that’s more your style, and toasty warm with 800-fill goose down. The new women’s Lupine Jacket fits a similar need—a hoodless, streamlined insulating layer—but with synthetic insulation for its quick-drying properties.

Gloves To Serve Everyone

We’ve been using our trusty ski patrol leather gloves for years now—classic Flylow essentials like the Tough Guy Glove and Ridge Glove. There is nothing wrong with these original favorites—and we keep tweaking and updating them to make sure the fabric is long-lasting and storm ready. This is still what we wear shoveling, spring skiing, and taking the dog for a snowy walk. But we’ve also been having a bit of a glove transformation in recent years, with the introduction of more premium goatskin leather gloves.

Our new Wolverine Glove for this winter has padded leather on the outside and a thick layer of recycled insulation on the inside. These gloves are getting pre-treated with Durable Water Repellent at the factory level, so the sealant gets locked in during the production line. That means the leather is more supple and the glove has more dexterity right out of the bag—no breaking in necessary. We’re also introducing a new Super D line—with a glove, mitt, and lobster claw, so you’ve got options—because some people prefer a high-quality gauntlet glove that goes over your jacket cuff, not under it. Again, our goal here isn’t to distract you with shiny new objects. It’s to make sure that all your needs and preferences are being met.

Everyday Pieces You’ll Live In

This category of lifestyle pieces is both fun and useful. These are the flannels and joggers you wear all weekend, or the base layer onesie you didn’t know you needed until now. When we’re designing these pieces, again utility and functionality are at the front of our minds: If we’re not going to wear it regularly, why bother making it?

The Bobby Fleece Onesie and Sasha Fleece Onesie are one-piece fleece suits you can wear as a baselayer or a lounge outfit, depending on your plan for the day. (You didn’t think we were just going to make couch-surfing garb, did you? These are utility long underwear, people!) The women’s and men’s Puffer Pants are insulated, half-fleece/half-micropuff long johns—again, wear them around the backcountry hut or as a baselayer under your shell pants on cold days. (You’ll thank us later for these.)

And yeah, we know you have plenty of flannels already. But consider the new-for-this-winter Angus Flannel one you don’t already own. It’s got thick brushed flannel on the inside, making it a touch warmer than usual and a smart zippered chest pocket that conceals your phone. The new women’s May Flannel checks a must-have box, too: It comes lined with microfleece. Pair that with the new women’s Juniper Jogger—stretchy, gridded fleece sweatpants—and you’ll be set with your new winter uniform.

Lastly, because we love a good play on words, we added a new Felice fabric and collection: a cozy high-pile fleece that you’ll find in our women’s full-zip Felice Jacket, and pullover Felice Hoody, and Felice Vest.

Angus Flannel

Because one can never have too many flannels. Introducing the Angus Flannel.
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Foxy Insulated Bib

All the best features of the Foxy Bib, with an added layer of insulation.
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Lynx Jacket

This hooded synthetic-insulated jacket is made to be the backup layer that keeps you out all day.
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Wolverine Glove

Our most premium cold-weather ski glove.
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Tough Guy Glove

A leather ski patrol style glove that’s pre-treated with DWR.
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Super D Mitt

Our burliest over-the-cuff glove, just in mitten form.
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