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The Winter of Insulation

We’ve rolled out a collection of insulated pieces that’ll make you wish for colder days.

Unless you ski exclusively inside a temperature-regulated mall in New Jersey (that’s a real thing, look it up), chances are you need some insulating layers for the days when a cold front blows in. We’ve been making insulated jackets since day one (it was called the Puffy Coat, very original, we know). But we’ve really fine-tuned our insulating pieces this year, making for arguably the most thorough offerings of insulation Flylow has ever had.

We’ve added new insulating pieces for one main reason: So that you have more options to layer more strategically, so you can stay out longer (read: ski more pow) when it’s cold. Our plan is to give you options. We wanted to make thorough offerings in both synthetic and down insulation styles: down for ultra-cold days, synthetic for inclement weather or wetter storms. Whether your go-to layering piece is hooded or non-hooded, you get to decide. And don’t forget your vest. (If you need tips on layering for cold days, we have some thoughts on that subject, too.)

This is really a community story more than anything. We know our community here at Flylow is growing and this gives us an opportunity to offer more options for everyone. Layering and insulation are subjective. What you like might not be right for the next person. So, in looking at the line, that’s where we decided, oh, we can do more fleece offerings, or oh, we need a non-hooded down jacket.

We also consider a few variables anytime we’re making something that’s meant to layer. We’re never going to make a midlayer longer in length than a shell (nobody wants their micropuff sticking out the bottom of a shell). We’re going to make sure the hoods integrate within other hoods and always fit over a helmet. We add pit zippers, even to midlayers, because why not give people options to regulate their temperature? That gives you more versatility.

Anyway, I digress. The point is if it’s a cold day—and hopefully there are a lot of those this coming winter—then we have some good options for you. Like our new Iceman Coat for men and Charlie Coat for women. These are waterproof down jackets with 800 fill power goose down. If you get hot in a down jacket, moisture can develop, and you’ll freeze. Not good. So, we gave these coats our Intuitive Perm fabric, which means they’re really air permeable. Heat will release before you sweat. I skied in this coat on a bitter cold day at Loveland, Colorado, last winter that froze my nose hairs, but my body stayed warm. And I could still go for a short bootpack without worrying about sweating out.

Then we’ve got the new women’s Lynx Jacket and men’s Bear Jacket, premium cold weather synthetic puffies. These are warm as hell but they’re really packable and easy to layer with. No bulk. You could stuff it in your pack on a backcountry tour and throw it on at the summit or you could wear it under a shell riding lifts. And unlike down, the synthetic insulation dries quickly and keeps you warm if it gets wet, so these pieces work great during wet storms.

And because you don’t always want hoods when you’re talking about midlayers, we added the new Betty Down Sweater and General’s Down Sweater. These have the same packable goose-down loft as our longtime favorite Betty Down Jacket and General’s Down Jacket but just in a hoodless, more streamlined style for those who prefer that. You’ll also keep these jackets handy as around-town pieces after skiing. We know it’s nice to have options when it comes to midlayers, which is why we also introduced the Lupine Jacket for women, which is a lighter weight micropuff and made from synthetic materials. Layer it, wear it on its own around town, treat it like a cozy sweater made from micropuff. For men, the Dexter Jacket serves a similar function.

I know I just threw a lot at you, so how about we keep it simple. Let’s say it’s a wet storm day in Tahoe and I’m heading to the ski hill. What am I wearing? Probably my trusty Quantum Pro Jacket and Chemical Pant, for the ultimate storm protection, with the Bear Jacket and a baselayer underneath the shell. Let’s say it’s a sub-zero day at Jackson and I’m heading into the backcountry. I’m wearing Baker Perm Bibs and a Lab Coat with a General’s Down Sweater and baselayers underneath. Or I’m keeping it easy with just the Iceman Coat and a base layer. Done. What’s my wife wearing in those same scenarios? That’s easy. She wears the same kit no matter the conditions. Foxy Bibs, Billie Coat, and her new favorite puffy, the Lynx Jacket, which I think she’d sleep in if she could.

See you on the hill—hopefully it’s a cold one.


Iceman Coat

If Iceman wore a coat, it’d look something like this one: a burly cold-weather down jacket built for superheroes and skiers alike.
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Lynx Jacket

This hooded synthetic-insulated jacket is made to be the backup layer that keeps you out all day.
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W's Puffer Pant

Insulated long underwear bottoms to stay strong on the coldest of days.
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