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This is What a Community Centered on Mountain Biking Looks Like

This is What a Community Centered on Mountain Biking Looks Like

Welcome to East Burke, Vermont, where the Kingdom Trails Association has created a network of singletrack and so much more.

There’s a magical spot in Vermont where mountain biking rules supreme. It’s East Burke, Vermont, smack in the Northeast Kingdom. This is the home to the Kingdom Trails, an interconnected network of multi-use trails, with over 100 miles of singletrack that cross over land that’s owned by 103 private landowners.

“The fact that we’ve got the amount of mileage we have, thanks to the landowners,” says CJ Scott, trails director for the Kingdom Trails Association. “We’ve got 103 that allow us to build and maintain this network of trails. That’s really what sets us apart from anywhere else. It’s a model that’s hard to replicate and is pretty amazing.”

Mountain bikers come from all over to enjoy the riding in this area, and this short video, made in conjunction with Flylow, celebrates all that biking can bring to a community and how a community can step up for outdoor recreation.

“In the Northeast Kingdom, it’s the vision that the landowners see,” says Abby Long, executive director of the Kingdom Trails Association, which was founded in 1994. “They know what the trails are doing for their community. It’s uplifting everyone. And you can’t argue with that.”

Access to the Kingdom Trails requires purchase of a daily, monthly, or yearly membership. In paying that fee, you’re giving back to the maintenance and construction of new and existing trails.

“There is no disputing it: The Kingdom Rules,” says Kelly Ault, executive director at Vermont Outdoor Business Alliance. “Kingdom Trails is that kind of place that naturally fosters culture and camaraderie, offers different trail experiences for everyone, and has led to progression within the sport. While the Kingdom Trail Association expertly upholds the legacy for the future, local businesses fuel the daily stoke with every bike tuned and every beer poured.”

If you’d like to support the KTA, you can purchase custom Flylow Gear from our Good Labs. Or, visit their website and become a member.

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