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Westward, Episode 1: I Heart Après

Westward EP1; I Heart Apres, a Flylow Story from KGB Productions on Vimeo.


In college, Greg Steen and Dan Abrams skied a ton. They hiked out the gates at Crystal Mountain, Washington, took spring-break road trips to Jackson Hole, and climbed Mount Rainier, battering their outerwear. Why didn’t their ski clothes hold up to a season’s worth of wear, they wondered? And why did mountaineering apparel fit totally wrong?

Years later, a French girl would ski down the mountain with them and say, “You don’t ski fast. You fly low.” Dan thought: That would look cool on a T-shirt. And with that, Flylow was born. The two friends have moved to various locales—from Jackson to Denver, from Seattle to Tahoe, all the while running their flourishing start-up.

With $120,000 in lines of credit from various credit card companies, free rent in mom’s basement, and that time all the pant waists came in so large they had to supply free belts, these are the humble beginnings of the brand we know today as Flylow.

Dan and Greg had no aspirations of riches, they just wanted to live life on their own terms and as illogical as it might seem, for them, starting an outdoor apparel company was the best way to do it.

Catch the full Westward series here. 

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