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When the Snow Doesn't Fall

We all love powder days. Obviously. But sometimes, powder days can feel as rare as bobcat sightings that thing you grasp every once in a while but can't hold onto for long. And in those long spells in between pow days, it can feel a little bleak. Dry. Sunny. Too warm. Maybe some rain. Maybe some spring corn if you're lucky. Skier TJ David delves into this subject matter in a recent blog post. "This perpetual cycle of longing for our beloved snow, left only to be exacerbated by the daily compulsive scroll through our Facebook feeds for signs of winter. Grasping. Our minds stricken with a hunger that mother nature simply won t fulfill," TJ writes. [caption id="attachment_6336" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]
Adam Moszynski in the Colorado backcountry. Photo by TJ David

Adam Moszynski in the Colorado backcountry. Photo by TJ David

Adam Moszynski in the Colorado backcountry. Photo by TJ David[/caption] But! There's an upside to now new snow, and that can be more stable backcountry conditions. TJ and his friends know this all too well and from their home base in Aspen, they've been abel to reach high-alpine peaks that they wouldn't normally venture to this time of the winter. "But, somewhere out there, on a distant peak and in a place you d never notice from your couch or the gondola, is a handful of skiers from Aspen that are eating up the green-lighted backcountry and abundant blue skies in a rare moment of alpine bliss," he writes. Check out his full blog post plus more photos here.

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