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While You're Waiting for the Snow to Fall...

Ski movie trailers are dropping. Ski passes are on sale. New gear is hitting shelves at your local ski shop (we've got select items from our fall 2017 collection now in stock). There's a little chill in the air in the early morning. What does all of this mean? That ski season is on its way, of course. But what do you need to do to get ready? What can you do to spend the time between now and that first glorious turn? Besides frantically checking the long-range weather forecast, here are a few tips for gearing up for the winter season. Step 1: Get in shape. Sure, you've been running and biking all summer, but have you been doing the squats and lunges you'll need to get your legs ready for 3,000 vertical feet of steeps? Check out this video of Crystal Wright, from Jackson Hole's Wright Training, on seven moves you can do to prep your body for top-to-bottom runs. Step 2: Buy your season pass if you haven't already. Prices will spike in the fall, so now's the time to get that pass. Powder recently put together a list of the cheapest passes under $500 at mountains you'd actually want to ski. Step 3: Fine tune your gear. Need new skis? All of this year's new gear is in stock or coming very soon. Read up on Blister's gear reviews of this fall's latest and best skis. Or maybe your skis are all good but just need a tune. REI put together a good list of tuning tips to tune and repair your own skis. Step 4: Wash and waterproof your jackets. If you need a new jacket or pants, of course we've got you covered there. But if your gear is still holding up strong, then maybe all you need is a good wash and an extra coat of waterproofing. We sell Nikwax Duo Pack, which comes with the wash and waterproofing you need. Step 5: Wait for the snow to fall. Check out the Farmer's Almanac for the long-range weather forecast. While you're waiting, here's your one-stop shop for all the latest ski movie trailers, collected in one convenient place by Freeskier Magazine.

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