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Why We Don't Actually Care About the Long-Term Weather Forecast

This is the time of year when everyone starts trying to predict the snow forecast for the approaching winter. Will it be a big, record-smashing, powder-day-after-powder-day type of winter? Or maybe it'll be an average winter with just a standard amount of snow? Or maybe we're doomed for one of those below-average, feels-like-June-in-January winters? To all this hypothesizing and guessing, we at Flylow say, to hell with the forecasts. We are going skiing regardless. So why bother getting too hung up on the Farmer's Almanac or the El Ni o predictions? It's going to snow, that's for sure. How much it'll snow is really anyone's guess. We'll be out there shredding rain, shine, or powder day. In fact, as I look back on winters past, some of the best ski days I can remember took place during winters with low snow. And vice versa, some could argue that in seasons like we had last year with more than 160 percent of average snowfall in Tahoe, power-outage storms in Jackson Hole, and road-closing blizzards around Colorado we had a less than ideal winter for skiing due to higher avalanche danger and ski areas not able to open their lifts. (Granted, those storms also brought phenomenal ski days, but with plenty of hurdles to reaching the mountain.) The important thing to remember is there will be a winter this year. Big or small, nobody knows. And no doubt we will be there to enjoy it regardless of the snow forecast. So buy some new skis, put fresh batteries in your beacon, book that trip to Canada, and get stoked for the snow that will inevitably start falling soon. Dan Abrams, co-founder, Flylow Gear

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