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Our New Winter Gear is in. And We’re Excited For You to Put it to the Test.

The best parts of our new winter 2023 collection? Air-permeable membranes, recycled fabrics, rad new midlayers and anoraks, and more of the dependable, durable gear you’ve come to expect from Flylow.

When I started Flylow all those years ago (I’ve lost count, but I think we’re going on 20 years here soon), I never could have imagined that one day, we’d have a line with so many pieces. At first, we made literally one pair of pants and a single jacket. That’s honestly all my friends and I needed back then. A simple, durable pair of pants to climb mountains and ski back down in and a jacket that wouldn’t break down after 100 days of powder hunting.

Our winter 2023 collection has over 100 items in it, a wide range of everything from insulated jackets to lightweight shells to 15 different styles of bibs, plus, midlayers, base layers, gloves, and more. We offer a much wider range of styles these days, but still, our objective remains the same: What do skiers need for a good, long day in the mountains? What will serve you well out there? At Flylow, we thoughtfully and intentionally build products that will last a long time and will be used regularly. (If it’s something that won’t serve you, we don’t bother with it.)

Mia Jacket

Mia Jacket

This year, we’re really excited about some revamped midlayers, including these streamlined micropuff jackets that our staff won’t take off. (Seriously, we hang samples in the office and see what gets grabbed off the rack the most.) The women’s Mia Jacket and men’s Crowe Jacket are among our new favorites. These are lightweight, insulated jackets that you can wear under a shell on a cold day or on its own pretty much anywhere. We’ve been taking these jackets on road trips and camping trips all summer and fall as well.

The other big development for this upcoming year is air permeability. (More on what that means here.) We took our longtime favorite bib, the Baker Bib (don’t worry, we didn’t mess with the Baker Bibs), and made an air permeable version called the Baker Perm Bib. We designed this for skiers in warmer, wetter coastal areas, for those who sweat a lot (you know who you are), or for those who move around a bunch during the day—bootpacking, traversing, touring.

Lab Coat and Baker Bib

Lab Coat and Baker Bib

Air permeable membranes let out moisture before you sweat, so you’ll be able to manage your temperature better and avoid the dreaded sweat-out that can often come on stickier or more active days. The air permeable membrane in the new Baker Perm Bib and the other pieces that use our Intuitive Perm fabric, like the Kane Jacket, Lab Coat, Compound Bib, Siren Bib, and Domino Jacket, will ultimately keep the inside of your garments drier, which means you can stay out longer. (See how this comes back to all of us slaying more pow?)

We continue to have a strong focus on our communities, our environment, and the impact our gear has on the people and places around it. To that end, we keep on creating jobs, adding to our production, design, sales, and warehouse teams as we grow. Many hands make for a lighter load for us (more time for powder skiing!) and make our gear built better for you. We’ve fine-tuned our supply chain (moving shipment dates up to require less air shipment and more sea shipment, as well as more transparency in our production line), and we’ve switched to mostly recycled fabrics.

Kane Jacket with Baker Perm

Kane Jacket with Baker Perm


Our Perm HD fabric—found in a number of items—is made from 100 percent recycled fabrics this year, as is our Tactic 3L Softshell, used in the Foxy Bib, Moxie Bib, Lucy Jacket, Malone Jacket, Tannen Bib, and the Magnum Pant. In thorough waterproof-breathable testing, we’ve found that using recycled materials doesn’t result in any sacrifice in performance, so why not repurpose old materials anew? (For more on that, don’t miss our Remnant Tote, a favorite gear hauler made from scrap fabrics.)

Lucy Jacket with Foxy Bib

Lucy Jacket with Foxy Bib

We’ve also given you new styles to check out. Maybe this is the winter you rock an anorak—check out our Sarah Anorak for women or the Knight Anorak for men. When we debuted our first line of merino wool long underwear last December, we sold out right away. So we increased production four-fold for this winter, and added a three-quarter-length long-underwear bottom because Daron Rahlves told us to. (And when the former winner of the Hahnenkamm downhill tells you to do something, you listen.)

We can’t run this company without you, and we value your feedback. So, check out the new line and let us know how we’re doing or what you’d like to see. Better yet, let us know on the skintrack or the chairlift next time we see you out there.

Baker Perm Bib

If air permeability matters to you (and it should), the Baker Perm Bib is your pant.  More are on the way in early Dec.  If you don't see the size and color you like, click "notify me" below and we'll shoot you an email when they're in.
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Magnum Pant

The extra-tough Magnum Pant has a long, nearly full-length outer zipper, enabling you to get in and out of these pants without taking off your ski boots, a trick people like ski racers, ski patrollers, and hut trippers will appreciate
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Colt Down Jacket

Not all down jackets are built for skiing in. The Colt Down Jacket is.
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Sarah Anorak

The cozy-yet-tough Sarah Anorak is blissfully easy to get on and off.
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