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Jonnie Merill

  • I grew up skiing and snowboarding at Grand Targhee (Wydaho: Teton mountains accessed from the Idaho side)
  • I primarily snowboarded at a young age 7-14 years old I was exclusively snowboarding (although my dad had me skiing at age 3 and was reluctant to buy me a snowboard, but it was the "cool" thing at the time). All of my first tricks (backflip, frontflip, 360, rodeo) were all on a snowboard. I switched back to skiing in 9th grade (although i still snowboard every now and then). I specifically remember watching the old ski films (like MSP's "Focused") in the days when Seth Morrison was launching himself off of cliffs in the Targhee backcountry and actually putting it to his feet and riding away (no offense Julian Carr). After watching ski videos religiously for a couple years, I decided to make the switch to skiing. Ultimately, skis allow you to go bigger & faster, I was really into that idea at the time. 
  • Targhee was an excellent breeding ground for learning how to stomp big cliffs, because there is a huge cliff band that gradually increases in size (5 ft-45 ft). My group of friends would push each other further and further up the cliff band until we reached huck status. 
  • After High School I moved out to Salt lake City to become an Engineer and to push my skiing further. This is when I discovered Little Cottonwood Canyon & started gaining some actual exposure to the ski industry. I quickly fell in love with the ski community in LCC (Snowbird/Alta). I met new friends, photographers, and had an amazing time jumping off of stuff at Snowbird on a daily basis. 
  • In 2016/17 I decided to take time off school before graduation to live out the dream up in Revelstoke with a few good buds. This was hands down the best season of my life. I found myself pushing my limits like never before and discovered my love for pillow skiing. 
  • Now, helplessly addicted to pow, I ski predominantly in the backcountry. I love exploring new zones on sleds with good friends.. skiing, pow-surfing, braaping.. what a life. 
  • I'm currently focused on skiing/filming bigger lines & using my technical expertise to work hands on with the testing & development of new big mountain skis & other products
  • I also enjoy the beach, mtb, surfing, scuba diving, cliff jumping, skateboarding, hiking, backpacking, traveling, good food & beer
  • My girlfriend (Sid) & I have an adventure pup (rescued blue heeler named Kira) that we bring along on many of our mountain adventures.
  • Favorite trick: Hand drag cork 3

Instagram= @jonniemerrill

Jonnie Merrill '19 & '20 from jonnie merrill on Vimeo.